Business coaching

One of the biggest challenges for business owners is that you are your own boss. Of course, it’s great being in charge – but it can also be isolating.

Who will encourage you to take the next step? Who can challenge you to extend your ‘comfort zone’? And who can you trust with the problems that wake you up at 2 in the morning?

That’s my job. I enable you to grow your business, by developing yourself. These are some of the areas where I can help you get results:

  • managing your time effectively
  • strategic planning for your business
  • improving your work-life balance
  • delegating effectively
  • leading and inspiring your staff.

But everyone is unique, and you may well have a different focus. That’s fine! The benefit of working one-to-one is that we can look at what matters to you and your business. One of my clients described it as “like having a personal trainer – someone who will push you to achieve more than you thought possible”.

I can coach you virtually via Zoom or phone, or face-to-face in central London. We might have just one or two sessions if you have a very specific, time-limited goal; some people engage me for a block of six sessions; and for others, I am their long-term ‘thinking partner’.

Why not contact me for a free consultation?