What do clients find helpful about working with me? A key question is the reality check: ‘are you getting a good return on your investment?’ It’s really important to me that my clients can answer ‘yes’. Have a look at what they have said. Browse through or choose a section which appeals to you:

Leadership development

I found Mandy’s wise coaching absolutely invaluable as I took on my first CEO role. It was an indispensable part of my successful transition, and my work with her cemented my confidence in my own leadership style and its applicability to leading through change. Mandy is a wonderful coach to work with and I cannot recommend her highly enough.

Carol Mack, Chief Executive, Association of Charitable Foundations

When I started working with Mandy, I was finding it hard to adjust to my new senior role. She helped me to ‘see the wood for the trees’ and find my strategic direction. I made significant changes to how I used my time, and became clear about what kind of leader I wanted to be. Incidentally, I also now have a much better work-life balance. Coaching with Mandy was very beneficial – it increased both my confidence and effectiveness. I’d highly recommend her to others.

Nick Mills, Operations Manager (Highways & Transportation), Atkins UK

Coaching with Mandy helped me talk myself through issues and form solutions. I have also learned how to use a coaching style myself to create the right environment for my staff, which is hugely beneficial in terms of building their confidence and skills development.

Jools Ramsey, Senior Manager, Solace Women’s Aid

I had just taken on a new role at work, delivering on a major project, and was feeling uncertain of the way forward. Mandy’s coaching helped me both with the project and my self-confidence. I came to appreciate my strengths and work on them, and not let any perceived weaknesses stop me moving forward. The strategic thinking we did in the sessions was absolutely key to the project’s ultimate success. Mandy encouraged and challenged me to explore way beyond what I thought I was capable of.

Jenny Carey, Education Advisor, CSP

My coaching with Mandy was a fantastic and enlightening experience. I learned so much and was able to accept things about myself in a positive way that I had previously viewed as negative in terms of my management and leadership style and skills.

Caterina Fagg, Probation Manager, West Yorkshire Community Rehabilitation Company
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Manage your time

I’d fallen into a rut of taking on lots of day-to-day tasks in my business. I was snowed under, but couldn’t seem to break the pattern. Mandy helped me get the clarity I needed on how I was using my time and to start delegating. Coaching also focused me on the positives, such as my employees’ strengths, and how these could benefit the business. I’m now spending my time on the right things – growing my business and developing my staff.

Carol Couling, Owner, SRS Bureau

I have got out of the trap of being too available to my staff and the queue outside my door has gone, which gives me time to do my priority work. Coaching has allowed me to gain back some control in a very fast-changing environment, and has restored the energy and self-belief which I had lost.

Peter House, Quality Assurance Manager, London Probation Trust

I’d never considered working with a coach until I met Mandy. I knew I needed to manage my time better but I wasn’t doing it. She helped me identify the steps I needed to take, in a logical sequence, and it was surprising how easy it was to do them and get results. I’ve now created effective systems for my staff to use, which gives me back valuable hours each week to spend with customers and build my business. Mandy inspired my trust, and enabled me to take action.

Lina Christodoulou, Sales Director, Christo Print & Design Ltd
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Perform at your best

Mandy coached me at very short notice on a pitch presentation. She was very flexible, patient and encouraging.  She helped me organise a less than half-finished presentation into a well-rounded total and gave me clear feedback which helped me decide what to put in and what to leave out. The resulting presentation I gave was a big success – and landed me my second biggest job in 7 years.

Anuschka Fritz, Owner, Moustique Design

As a legal professional working in the civil service, I felt anxious about a competence-based selection process for a promotion, and was very unsure about presenting myself in that way. Mandy helped me develop my application, in particular by helping me to see how I could demonstrate that I had the skills required. She boosted my confidence considerably when I was finding it hard to value my own experience. I was told afterwards that mine was one of the strongest applications, for which I have Mandy to thank.

Simmy Viinikka, UK government lawyer

I sought Mandy’s support in connection with a prestigious client that I recently started working with. Her calm and focused questioning honed in on the key skills and abilities that I needed to draw out to build my confidence. Thanks to my productive sessions with Mandy, I was able to reflect on my previous successes and the project has got off to a flying start. Mandy has a fantastic ability to draw out the best in people and build their confidence. I recommend her as a brilliant and effective coach.

Michelle Fanus, Director, Dynamyk Events
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Put ideas into action

Mandy’s coaching has been really helpful. We’re just starting up and it’s allowed me to explore key aspects of our strategy, and set very practical goals. In particular, I’ve benefited from her great questions which have helped to ground my ideas and turn them into actions. I’ve been able to keep the big picture in mind but also plan and carry out the steps that will get me there. Mandy gave me the time to focus on ways forward – working with her was like accelerating my thinking.

Helen Webb, Co-founder, Sea-Changers
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