Executive coaching

Leaders and managers hold responsibility and make decisions in the context of a larger organisation. The opportunities and challenges inherent in working with others provide rich ground for learning, innovation and achievement.

Executive coaching provides a confidential space for you to reflect on how you are working, and make changes that affect you and others. As one client commented: “by realising what I do, and how I could do it differently, I have transformed a previously difficult working relationship.”

These are some of the areas where I have helped leaders get results:

  • leading change
  • influencing skills
  • developing a high-performing team
  • increasing your impact and presence
  • time management
  • transition into a senior role.

This is not an exhaustive list – you may well have a different focus. Every individual is unique, and the key benefit of coaching is that it is tailored to you. One client described it as “the best learning experience I’ve had – being one-to-one it allowed me to explore the issue in a way that just isn’t possible in a generic training course”. Another said that it had enabled him “to express things which I couldn’t share with colleagues, and to figure out what I was going to do about them.”

When coaching within an organisation, there are different stakeholders. The person being coached needs confidentiality, and their manager needs accountability. I understand how to create reporting processes which meet the needs of both parties.

We might have just one or two sessions if you have a very specific, time-limited goal; some people engage me for a block of six sessions; and for others, I am their long-term ‘thinking partner’.

Whether you are interested in receiving coaching yourself, or are considering it for someone whom you manage, why not contact me for a free consultation?